Carl Jennings - Vocals & Bass 

Born in Montreal, Canada, Carl began a full-time career in music when he was 16. Along with his brother Tim, Carl performed in Pegasus, Speck Jennings, and eventually in Freedom Train. 

As a producer, musician, and audio engineer at Westmoreland Recording Studio, Carl has recorded/produced countless artist, groups, TV and radio ads, and TV show themes.

Tim Jennings - Drums & Vocals

Born in Huddersfield, England, Tim started drums at an early age, playing in orchestras, rock bands, and teaching music throughout his teens.

Touring and recording in Pegasus, Speck Jennings, and Freedom Train, Tim developed a unique drumming style by using just a two piece drum set, a kick and snare drum! 

Tim currently teaches drums at Long & McQuade in Burlington, Ontario, and can be heard on numerous recordings and jingles, as well as be seen competing in bike races across Ontario.

Ed Mitchell - Guitar

The first day Carl and Tim met Ed they asked him to join their group Speck Jennings. “We didn’t really need to hear him play, we just knew,” says Carl. 

Born in Belfast, Ireland, Ed began playing guitar with Hamilton, Ontario group Varga, eventually joining Speck Jennings and Freedom Train. 

As well as performing on countless records and jingles, Ed had a lead role in the independent film Kung-Fu Supreme and has also painted/designed CD covers for many artists.

Freedom Train are musician union members Local 1000 N.Y. New York and are fully insured - equipment & liability - for all events & halls.